Weekend musings, a birthday and random thoughts

So this coming Saturday  I am turning another year older.   I’ll be thirty-one ( which pains me a little to say honestly).  Last year the big 3-0 was a little scary, but kind of exciting too because it was the start of a new decade.  Turning thirty-one just plain freaks me out.   I guess by this age, I always thought I would have it all figured out and be all put together and stuff, but the truth is, most of the time, I still feel like I’m nineteen and completely unsure of everything- please someone tell me, does this ever change?  I’m trying to be all mature and just accept the things I cannot change, but really Time, would you please just SLOW the bleep DOWN!

Anyway, this past weekend my best friend and I got together, on what has become weekly craft day ( and by weekly I mean we have done it twice, but with good intentions to continue)… anyway, we got together and she helped me indulge one of my crazy “quest-to-get-the-perfect-photo” whims and spent an hour blowing confetti at me. Yes, you read that right. I wanted the cool, confetti in focus, person out of focus and vice versa kind of shot, and what seemed to be a simple concept was actually much harder than you think.

Here are a few things I learned:

1. blowing confetti at each other is hilarious and messy
2. confetti is generally too heavy and glitter would be more effective, but as it was raining outside and we were taking these said photos in my apartment and I really didn’t want to spend hours cleaning up glitter off me, my floor and my furniture.
3. if you witnessed us doing above said task, I’m sure it was hilarious and ridiculous
4. if you come over in the next while and find red xoxo confetti somewhere random… I’m sorry.. IT’S EVERYWHERE!
5. my floors are wayyyyyy dusty! giant clean is really necessary… maybe I will get around to that in my thirty first year! (seems like something an adult would do)
6. I have the best , best-friend in the world.  Thank you for indulging my silly whims!
7. it’s a really easy way of losing track of time … an hour plus of this for a few money shots! ( still not perfected)

On another note, I’ve been really MIA lately around here, and its not by choice.  Its been a little crazy at my job lately, 6 days  work weeks, longer hours and a staff member leaving has needless to say left its mark!  I’m feeling like all I’ve been doing is sleeping, eating, working  and pressing repeat.  I do however get a long weekend for the next two weeks and that is making me very very HAPPY!   I know I keep promising to post more often… January has been such an icky month and I am SOOO ready for it to be over… though not in the way of being ready to turn thirty one… but in the way that spring needs to come soon before I lose my sanity kind of way!  Anyway, as soon as the weather gets better and I can get outside, the photo taking will commence again!

Enjoy the photos and know that there was a whole LOT of laughter while taking them!  And here’s to my last week of my thirtieth year,, wish me luck!

DPP_0662 copy

DPP_0669 copyDPP_0664 copyDPP_0665 copyDPP_0667 copyDPP_0668 copyDPP_0670 copy

6 Responses to “Weekend musings, a birthday and random thoughts”
  1. Neda says:

    this pictures are amazing!!!!

  2. Neda says:

    i meant these

  3. Ada says:

    Awww, I hear you about feeling like we should have it altogether by now! All good 🙂 …and love your photos! At least you know how to take them now 😉

  4. Holly says:

    i loove this photos!!! your bff is such a good sport! 😉

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