One of my very favourite things to do in a new city (or any city for that matter), is to wander.  Just get off the metro or walk out the door of your hotel and walk, and walk and walk, and see where the day takes you.  There is something so decadent in the freedom of having no plan. No schedule, no timeframe in which you need to complete your errands in.  Wandering is the ultimate relaxation for me and most definitely my favourite way to explore. Even more so now that I have discovered a love for my camera, I see things in a whole different way.  Some of my favourite memories are from days like these.  You tend to find the most random stores, and cutest little coffee shops and places that make the yummiest savoury crepes…(I die just thinking about them… mmmm).  On this particular day of wandering,  I found some of my favourite trinkets to bring home including a vintage globe and beautiful three dimensional pop up cards of Paris.   We also stumbled across the quietest courtyards,  beautiful antique shops, a boutique full to the brim of every ribbon you could imagine and a lovely tiny little hat shop where the shop owner actually said that her “hats were dead until they found their rightful owner and came to life” (I kid you not…and wish I had videotaped her saying it) She honestly felt like a French Professor McGonagall who was going to plop some sort of Sorting Hat on my head to find the one that was perfect for me.  It was magical…pardon the pun.  

So this particular day of wandering found us in the neighbourhood of Le Marais. Thanks to a new friend, Glenna, (who we met in Ontario) she suggested we find the Place des Vosques because it is sooo beautiful, ohhhh and it truly is.  And thanks to her, we had the most wonderful day wandering through quiet courtyards and alleyways, discovering paperies and small brasseries. Thanks for the heads up, its was a perfect day!



2 Responses to “Wandering…”
  1. Lynne says:

    Brooke… once again you made a faraway place seem so close, and as if I had been there with you. Such beautiful evocative photos and such a wide variety of topics. Love them all! Glenna will be thrilled that you too enjoyed one of her favourite areas of Paris. I have copied your text to send on to her. 🙂

    • Brooke says:

      Lynne, what a nice compliment! You really know how to make me feel special! Thank you! Thank you! I was going to send Glenna an email with a few photos, but maybe I should just send her the link so she can read along too 🙂


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