this one time… in Spain

Today marks 6 years since I returned home from a year living abroad in Spain. (seriously, where does time go?) It was the most amazing experience of my life- to date- and I am forever changed because of the things I learned, saw, experienced and lived during my time there.  There is no way to sum it all up in a post- I couldn’t even sum it all up if I wrote about it each day for a year, but I’ll spare you from all the “this one time in Spain” stories.  Let me tell you this though… if you have a chance to live abroad or to send your children abroad, no matter how scary it may seem… DO IT! I thank everyone in my life every day for their support and encouragement for pushing me to do it.

It is LIFE ALTERING.  I am a better person for it.  I see the world differently than I did before. I speak two languages.  I have another family there.  I step off that plane in Malaga and I feel like I’m coming home again. I miss my other city and my other family and friends there every day and though I am grateful for the time I had, I am always wishing for more.

Here are a few of the literally THOUSANDS of photos I have. It was so incredibly hard to narrow these down, so I just picked a few.

The picture above is the view from my bedroom.
Yup, life was pretty sweet!

…wandering the old city of Ronda. Hands down one of my favourites!

Impromptu live flamenco by the gypsies in Granada. I wish there was sound to accompany this photo… it was incredible

There is nothing better than churros and chocolate at 8 am… or
at any time of the day for that matter

Te echo de menos, Malaga y todo mi familia y amigos alli.  Espero que estéis muy bien!  mil besitos… nos vemos pronto, espero.

For those of you interested in studying in Spain, here are the links for the two schools I studied with:
Universidad de Malaga- Cursos para extranjeros  (the site is in English)
Languages Plus

I’d highly recommend either!

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