Tea Party

Life has been such a whirlwind this summer that I honestly just looked at my blog the other day and realized I have only written five posts since Paris  and that was the end of May!  …  and can someone please tell me how the hell its already August tomorrow…like are you kidding me?!

Anyway, I have been known to take on one too many things in the past and in line with the great women in my family (and all women for that matter), this won’t stop any time soon.  However, this time some really exciting stuff is happening and I find myself up at 1 am editing photos and getting really excited about what’s coming next.  I am physically exhausted, but mentally so excited!  ps. this is a bad combination for good sleeping habits…. really bad.  All those extra hours of sunlight just make my head spin with possibilities and rarely has there been a night that I haven’t been out at dusk/sunset snapping photos.

This past weekend some of the lovely ladies in my life and I had a little tea party in the grass.   Since everyone is so busy these days with new careers, raising kids and summer in general, we had to actually use doodle to find a time when most of us could make it.  ps. if you have never used doodle, its awesome. Everyone fills out their schedule and you pick the day that works best for most … oh and its FREE! man I really do love the internet for things like this.

So after a five week wait, we all finally made it together for a lovely few hours of yummy treats, good laughs and a delicious selection of  iced teas.


everything you see was handmade from scratch… even the pineapple-apricot jam from my mum.

I mean, could these kid’s eyes get any bluer?!?!!!!!


and aren’t these flowers just stunning… 

 It  was such a fun afternoon that we have all promised to try to make it happen on a regular basis. Hopefully we can get more ladies to join us next time!




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  1. Lynne says:

    Brooke… what a lovely event for you to plan and execute! The photos are just wonderful, as always, and what wonderful keepsake photos for those little girls in your life, as well as their moms. Thank you for posting… love reading about your life!

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