New Friends, Old Friends, Family

On Saturday , after a long awaited ten years, I finally got to meet Riku for the first time!  I have known his family my whole life (since before I can remember, literally!), but Riku has moved about over the years and we are always seeming to miss each other.  It sure didn’t feel like […]

Tea Party

Life has been such a whirlwind this summer that I honestly just looked at my blog the other day and realized I have only written five posts since Paris  and that was the end of May!  …  and can someone please tell me how the hell its already August tomorrow…like are you kidding me?! Anyway, […]

an evening in Horseshoe Bay

   One of my favourite things about living back on the North Shore right now is Horseshoe Bay.  I forgot how much I love this quiet little cove and its quaint charm.    We headed down there on Thursday Night with some friends (before I got really sick , totally unrelated to this evening out, and […]