an afternoon in old lahaina

warning…this post is full of a LOT of photos I took so many photographs on this trip that I have decided to split up the posts into areas of the island so I don’t overload you all at once. I decided to look up some information on Lahaina as I didn’t really know that much […]

island life

This holiday is winding down quickly… and we only have a couple of sunshine filled days left by the beach. .. I will miss the pace of the island and the lazy days we have spent wandering around it.  I feel like with every gust of wind that blows through the palm trees, a little […]

aloha from maui

I know it has been forever since I last posted and while this will be a short and sweet,  I thought I would just say hello and hope that this little post finds you all well. I have tried to stay away from the computer and phone  as much as possible on this trip because […]

Chicago… the windy city?

  I went to Chicago for the first time ever at the beginning of the summer over the July 1 long weekend.  I decided to go to meet up with my dearest friend N who I haven’t seen in 4 years.  Hanging out with one of your besties in a city you have never been […]