One of my very favourite things to do in a new city (or any city for that matter), is to wander.  Just get off the metro or walk out the door of your hotel and walk, and walk and walk, and see where the day takes you.  There is something so decadent in the freedom […]

Signs of Spring

It’s that time of year when you are praying for spring to come soon…like down on your knees begging for even the slightest sign that the colder temperatures are fading and that the worst of the season is behind us… please oh please let it be over soon…pretty pretty pretty please. This has been the […]

Weekend musings, a birthday and random thoughts

So this coming Saturday  I am turning another year older.   I’ll be thirty-one ( which pains me a little to say honestly).  Last year the big 3-0 was a little scary, but kind of exciting too because it was the start of a new decade.  Turning thirty-one just plain freaks me out.   I […]

lazy sundays

What is it about lazy, rainy sundays that tug at your heartstrings?? Those extra moments of sweet bliss snuggled up in your bed. The sound of the rain on the rooftop creating a sort of lullaby. The promise of cozy coffee shops and a good book. The absence of a schedule is such decadence. Sundays […]

photobooth fun (and too much caffeine)

There is something about old photo booths that is just sooooo much fun. From the scramble to fit everyone inside the booth and get the curtain closed, the flashing light that speeds up before the flash goes off , to the excitement of waiting to see what the photos look like when they slide out […]