Paris, lately… according to my Iphone

Because its Sunday and because its just too hard not to share, here is the second post for the day.  My iphone loved Paris as much as I did!  and here are most of the pictures I took on it for your viewing pleasure.  There were A LOT more… but here are the best ones! […]

Life, lately…in four-inch photos

It’s been a while since one of these posts…but here you go. enjoy! Happy Saturday!

A Weekend in the Snow (Part II)

While the first post about last weekend was all about adventures outside, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the majority of our time was actually spent inside the cabin with our cozy fireplace and playing with littles. What a difference five years can make…Five years ago, this post would have been filled […]

life lately… in 4″ photos

Autumn has been awesome so far, but the rains have finally hit this past week and the mountains have their first dusting of snow on them.  It was 3 degrees this morning and I sipped my first peppermint mocha of the season as I drove to work.  Here is what I am looking forward to […]

photobooth fun (and too much caffeine)

There is something about old photo booths that is just sooooo much fun. From the scramble to fit everyone inside the booth and get the curtain closed, the flashing light that speeds up before the flash goes off , to the excitement of waiting to see what the photos look like when they slide out […]