• shifting perspectives

    I haven’t written in a while because if I’m honest, I wasn’t sure what to write.   I have all these half written blog posts started and then my confidence in my writing peters off  and I drop down into the rabbit hole of thinking… it’s not good enough, it’s not perfect.   I never […]

  • Finding my WHY?

    One of the big topics my accountability group discusses is WHY.  Why are you doing this? Why did you decide to start, why do you continue? etc.  The first time that topic came up, I realized to answer my WHY, I had to go back further and be really honest about my HOW.   How […]

  • You are your only limit

    The other night I was listening to this audio book  “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert while prepping food for the week, and all of a sudden she said something that made me drop everything I was doing and rewind to hear it again.   She was talking about this saying “Argue […]

  • Be A priority in your life!

    I wrote this post a few weeks ago for our health initiative at work, and thought I would share it here also.  As part of this journey, I want to be my truest self,  so here it goes… I have struggled with my weight and body image for most of my life and have tried […]

  • A Journey begins…

    Oh Heeeeyyyy!  It’s been a while since I’ve been in here … almost four years now that I look at it.  I honestly have no idea how  four years went by in a blink of an eye, but it did.    I lost my way for a while there, consumed with other things in my […]

  • A Day with the Bundy Family

    A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with one of my favourite families.  These four are pretty special let me tell you!   I have known Sarah  since we first met back in our teens working at Science World… ahhh yes the formative years…  and although she only worked […]

  • Taking Stock

    Its the first day of Autumn today and I thought I would celebrate with this little diddy I found on the Daybook blog.  Autumn is my hands down favourite season…in case you didn’t know already.. here are a couple odes to my love for autumn from last year here and here   Making : plans […]

  • one last post on Colorado before I move on to new topics

    So this week has gotten a little crazier than I thought it was going to be.  I haven’t been home one night yet this week and won’t be home for the remainder.   With surprise visitors from out of town, free hockey tickets, the Lumineers concert and the arrival and snuggling of a new little, […]

  • Denver… continued

    So here is another post filled with landscape photos and no people from my trip a few weeks ago to Denver.  Thank goodness I went when I did, because they had some crazy flooding over the last week that has wreaked havoc on some of the gorgeous places I saw.  Not sure where my head […]

  • Weekend Wanderings in Denver (Part II)- Red Rocks in the daylight

    So I’m a little obsessed with Red Rocks!  If you couldn’t tell by the last post, I absolutely fell in love with this place.  Hands down best venue I’ve ever seen a live show in!  I was so wanting to go back during the day because I just knew that those rocks would be even […]

latest posts

Miss S.

  Okay, so excuse me for a second here….. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Okay… now that, that is done,  I can move on to say… to date, I haven’t been this excited to post any of my  photos.  Call it this gorgeous child,  call it the perfect day and lighting, call it whatever you like, but this photo shoot […]

A Birthday Eve Walk

    I meant to get this post up last week, but got very sick Monday night and have been recovering ever since.   The Friday before my birthday I had an extra day off work, and since it was dry outside, M and I ventured out for coffee and a walk.  I’m so glad […]

taking a closer look

I have so many photos to post from  a gorgeous winter walk I went on today, but I just had to post these two right away.  The second picture is just a zoomed in version of the first.  Look into the dew drop… can you see it?  its the image of the stem that was […]

Weekend musings, a birthday and random thoughts

So this coming Saturday  I am turning another year older.   I’ll be thirty-one ( which pains me a little to say honestly).  Last year the big 3-0 was a little scary, but kind of exciting too because it was the start of a new decade.  Turning thirty-one just plain freaks me out.   I […]

holiday lead-up

If you know me, or have been following along through the Christmas season, you will know that I have a tendency to get really excited pre-holiday and begin preparations far too early!  but I mean,  really… can you blame me??? How is one supposed to resist all the red and pink hearts everywhere?!?! it’s nearly […]

Winter blues

So basically around this time every year the winter blues settle in.  They like to dig deep down in my bones and rest awhile, all whilst the rainy, grey, dreary days seem to go on and on and on… and on. Then there are these miraculous days, like this past Saturday…these gorgeous, spectacular sunny (but […]

lazy sundays

What is it about lazy, rainy sundays that tug at your heartstrings?? Those extra moments of sweet bliss snuggled up in your bed. The sound of the rain on the rooftop creating a sort of lullaby. The promise of cozy coffee shops and a good book. The absence of a schedule is such decadence. Sundays […]


  I am a big believer in resolutions.  Despite all the cynics out there who think that resolutions are a waste of time,  last year I decided to write mine all down on a piece of paper and keep them on my desk so that I could see them all the time and be more […]

choosing to be happy

About a week ago, a friend of mine sent me this invite on facebook to join her on this challenge called the Happiness Advantage.   It is basically a challenge to start looking at the world different and giving oneself the gift of a better view of life. I wanted to share it with all […]

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday!  If you’ve been following along on instagram  or twitter you will already know this by the obnoxious amounts of Christmas themed photos I have been posting since … cough cough, November.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the season so far, complete with a one day Vancouver snow storm.  I had hoped […]