one last post on Colorado before I move on to new topics

So this week has gotten a little crazier than I thought it was going to be.  I haven’t been home one night yet this week and won’t be home for the remainder.   With surprise visitors from out of town, free hockey tickets, the Lumineers concert and the arrival and snuggling of a new little, it will be Monday again before I know it and September will be nearly over… sigh…  can we puuullleeeassseee figure out how to slow time down a little bit!

Anyway, in honour of #tbt (throwback thursdays), here is my last post about Denver.  If I’m being truthful, I had originally planned for this post to be ready Tuesday, and then Wednesday, but  you know, life happens…c’est la vie… everything happens for a reason… it is as it should be… or something like that…

So here you go… fair warning, this is a major photo dump.  I couldn’t decide and so I am eating up your page with a crazy amount of photos .  Enjoy!

Denver080Denver078Denver082Denver081Denver086Denver120Denver084Denver083Denver014Denver022denver1Denver092Denver119Denver096Denver098Denver094Denver100Denver101Denver105Denver107Denver109Denver121Denver143Denver126Denver136Denver046Denver161Denver068Denver140denver 3Denver147denver 2Denver129denver 4


Colorado sure is pretty… can’t wait to go back again!



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