We found ourselves in Montmartre on our second day of our trip and then found ourselves back there on our very last day before we came home.  We loved the charm and the quaintness of this part of Paris.  Despite my thoughts of taking the funicular up to the top, we braved it both times and climbed the stairs. Rain and freezing cold wind would not stop us!  After climbing the eiffel tower, this was a piece of cake!  I truly loved the winding “rues” of Montmartre and the small boutiques and cafes that lined the streets.  The boulangerie Coquilicot is a must for the most delicious, fresh, flaky croissants and the many crêperies that lined the avenues of Montmartre were hard to choose between.  I enjoyed the  quiet Place de Abbesses much more than the crowded Place de Tetre (though equally charming, had far too many tourists for my liking).  We did venture through the Sacre Coeur and during our visit I had the most overwhelming urge to burst into tears.  Despite the hoards of visitors, the quiet sanctuary struck a chord with me and resonated deeply.  Overall, I loved this part of city and would recommend it to one and all.  Bring your walking shoes though, its a long way up!


We got rained on a few times during our trip, but nothing was going to stop us!
Paris339quite the place to find a Pharaoh!

that tin with the hot air balloons made it home in my suitcase! yessirreeee!

the most delicious crepe, nutella and coconut!  YUMMMM!Paris401montmartre1IMG_7405

this is me, dying on the stairs ( for the 2nd time!)montmartre2IMG_6843-1

he was singing La Vie en Rose… I mean does it really get much better than that…. Paris952

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  1. Lynne says:

    Fantastique! (I do hope I have spelled that correctly!)… so many wonderful photos once again… the pastries, the buildings, the signage, the big smiles on that lovely little girl, the accordion player!, lovely Silvia, your enthusiasm!, and the description of the crepes and croissants… not fair! Thanks for it all. I so want to get back to Paris and would be so happy following in your footprints.

    • Brooke says:

      Thanks Lynne! It was really spectacular! more photos to come soon! I’ve got a few ( ok… a lot) left.

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