For those of you on instagram, you may have seen this going around.  After a morning of catching up on my favourite blogs ( yes I know, I’m super behind), I thought it would be fun to follow along in the likes of Natalie and Sydney and pass it around here.    So here it goes:

one::   I still know all the lyrics to all the songs in Disney’s Little Mermaid ( and other films too). I used to sing my cousins to sleep with them.

two::    My mom used to call me her little mermaid because I loved the water. When I lived in Spain as a student I somehow ended up with the same nickname (La Sirenita) by chance because my friend said I “just looked like one” … go figure

three::   I can’t watch crime dramas before bed because I totally get nightmares …  yes I realize I am an adult. it doesn’t matter.

four::   I can’t wait to be a mom one day

five::   I have mottephobia, but only when related to moths.  FWAP, FWAP

Okay,  I’m going to send this out to some local bloggers… Holly , Ashly & Margot…  TAG, you’re it!

2 Responses to “Five”
  1. Holly says:

    ahhh! ok, i’m going to have to come up with something!!
    thanks for the tag little mermaid!

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