Denver… continued

So here is another post filled with landscape photos and no people from my trip a few weeks ago to Denver.  Thank goodness I went when I did, because they had some crazy flooding over the last week that has wreaked havoc on some of the gorgeous places I saw.

 Not sure where my head was at during this fine evening, but I completely forgot to take pictures of our amazing hosts that night-K & J.   I can’t believe after eight years we were reunited and there are no pictures to prove it?!?  gah!

One of the things I really love about Denver is that about a 30 minute drive  would get you out of the city and into some beautiful countryside with big open skies and beautiful rolling hills.  Franktown was just one of those places.    Neda and I took a trip out there to visit with some old friends from back in the Spain days and let me tell you, it was like no time had gone by at all. We laughed and we laughed as we rehashed old stories and  shared new ones.  I’m so happy we reunited and hope to see more of you two soon!  get your butts on up to Vancouver will yah?! 

K & J had just moved into their new home in Franktown and it was soooooo beautiful and peaceful.  We sat outside and ate dinner together, listening to the crickets and hearing the neighbour’s donkey bray ( no joke).  It was a lovely, lovely evening! Thank you!


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