The Latin Quarter

To all of you Paris Voyageurs out there, here is a word of advice …  when you find something you really like at a small, random street market on your first day, don’t decide to come back another day.  BUY IT! dang it, BUY IT… because even though you spend the next day trying to […]

Words to Live By

I have always been a lover of language and the power of words and often find myself online or in bookstores searching for the best quotes…I can lose hours this way, seriously hours. In highschool and university, I would spend more time finding quotes for essays than writing them themselves. (confession: I have even rewritten entire […]

the bewitching hour of storytime

   This is K. He is a gorgeous, kind hearted little boy with the sweetest soul imaginable.  I had the pleasure of having him all to myself the other night so his parents could go out. K decided to read Auntie Brookie some stories and let me tell you, it was my favourite part of […]