August Long Weekend

Here are a few photos from my weekend away with the family in the Okanagan.  We seem to always end up there on the August long weekend and always have a good time.  It was a beautiful, rest filled, relaxing weekend and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The Okanagan is always a beautiful place to visit in the summer and we were happy to enjoy the sunny days and storm filled afternoons.  Storm watching with a glass of Burrowing Owl while sitting on the patio is really one of my favourite things. One of these days I am going to make it up there for the apple harvest or the pumpkin patch at Davidson Farm. It’s a really special place and I’d recommend you all go visit it if you have never been.  There is something for everyone  there and a delicious bakery to boot!  I have never seen it in the autumn and can only imagine how beautiful it is.  HerLifeLately 027HerLifeLately 032HerLifeLately 036

A little blurry these shots,  but no one would stop the car to let me take pictures of cows… next time I’m taking my own car!
photo 2

and what would a weekend be without a little iphone selfie
HerLifeLately 055herlifelatelyHerLifeLately 058

don’t you just want to grab one and eat it! yum!HerLifeLately 066HerLifeLately 056HerLifeLately 063HerLifeLately 076HerLifeLately 102HerLifeLately 073HerLifeLately 091HerLifeLately 075HerLifeLately 085HerLifeLately 089HerLifeLately 100HerLifeLately 103HerLifeLately 119HerLifeLately 126HerLifeLately 139

this little fellow was so kind to model for me for about five minutes before he floated away…HerLifeLately 161HerLifeLately 150herlifelately2herlifelately3

love love love spending time with family.  Uncle Derek and Mommabear!HerLifeLately 183

and sunset over Lake Kalamalka always takes my breath away….

 There is a big part of me that would love to live in the country… something about the slower pace of life just really appeals to me… though I’m not sure this city girl could hack a cold winter up there.

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