A Weekend in the Snow (Part I)

This past weekend my friends and I packed ourselves into our snow tired vehicles and headed up to Whistler for a weekend getaway of snow, relaxation and an awesome round of Cards Against Humanity (seriously, if you haven’t played this game, you can download it for free from the website here). It is SO.WORTH.IT!   I honestly haven’t laughed  that hard in a very long time.   Beware… its very politically incorrect, and depending on your friends sense of humour can end up completely in the gutter… but then, that’s the part that is so hilarious!

 Saturday morning, we were up early with E, so we decided to sneak out of the house before the others woke up and get a walk/run/sled in before the day really got started.  Whistler (as you can tell from the photos) still feels like it’s in the middle of winter. There are definitely no signs of spring yet, but we still had fun dragging E through the snow and throwing snowballs at each other.   It was a great start to a fun weekend.

Part II photos coming soon….


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