the most delicious cookies there ever was

I found this recipe on pinterest ( oh how I love thee pinterest, let me count the ways) and they claimed to be the best cookies ever. Well, I couldn’t let that dare go unchallenged, so I made these lovely, dainty cookies Saturday morning… and well…. Pinterest 1: Brooke 0. Delicious, sweet, flaky, chewy, crumbly […]

flowers, flowers…did I mention flowers????

Warning:  this post is only pictures of flowers.  Proceed if you love them as much as I do. Ah yes, another post about my trip to Maui…are you sick of me yet?  It’s been really hard to narrow down my photos from my trip to the tropics because there was so much beauty to be […]

a morning walk

One of my favourite things to do in Maui is to walk from our hotel in Kihei west along the beach all the way past Wailea.  There are beaches and a boardwalk that go the entire way and besides having the most amazing view to look at, its a great way to get exercise.  The […]

an afternoon in old lahaina

warning…this post is full of a LOT of photos I took so many photographs on this trip that I have decided to split up the posts into areas of the island so I don’t overload you all at once. I decided to look up some information on Lahaina as I didn’t really know that much […]

island life

This holiday is winding down quickly… and we only have a couple of sunshine filled days left by the beach. .. I will miss the pace of the island and the lazy days we have spent wandering around it.  I feel like with every gust of wind that blows through the palm trees, a little […]

aloha from maui

I know it has been forever since I last posted and while this will be a short and sweet,  I thought I would just say hello and hope that this little post finds you all well. I have tried to stay away from the computer and phone  as much as possible on this trip because […]