cards… cards… CARDS

Sooooo, it’s that time of year again and the card making has begun! I realized the other day that the holiday season is about to be upon us…  yup you heard me. Thanksgiving ( at least up here in Canada) arrives next Monday, and I hadn’t made any new cards yet!  From there, it’s only a […]

Chicago… the windy city?

  I went to Chicago for the first time ever at the beginning of the summer over the July 1 long weekend.  I decided to go to meet up with my dearest friend N who I haven’t seen in 4 years.  Hanging out with one of your besties in a city you have never been […]

September twenty-third…

♥ Little Sophie arrived today!  So excited for this new little family of three and can’t wait for my first snuggles with her… hopefully soon! ♥ 2nd annual Myeloma Stroll for a Cure ( which unfortunately I couldn’t attend) was  a big success.  I had never heard of this type of cancer until my friend was […]

these are a few of my favourite things….

Sooooo,  some friends have been asking for some fashion posts, but let me tell you it’s really hard to take outfit pictures of yourself that don’t involve shots like these.  I’m working on finding someone to help me take pictures when I’m not lounging around in lulus and hoodies (which may or may not be […]

boy or girl?

This past weekend was one of my dearest friend’s baby shower. She and her hubby are expecting a little boy or girl in about a MONTH!… wait a second……! I am so excited for these two to become three and really overjoyed to watch them enter this new stage in their life and become parents.  […]


So apparently when I get sick… I really get SICK.  It’s not one of my best traits…. I’ll admit that.  Normally I have the strongest immune system, but every once in a while my body decides to let a bug in… and when it does, it really really lets it in. After thinking I was […]

an evening in Horseshoe Bay

   One of my favourite things about living back on the North Shore right now is Horseshoe Bay.  I forgot how much I love this quiet little cove and its quaint charm.    We headed down there on Thursday Night with some friends (before I got really sick , totally unrelated to this evening out, and […]

and overnight it became autumn…

Autumn is here! (shameless fist pump) It arrived overnight I swear, with its crisp cool air and burnt colours.  Ushering  in the subtle scent of spiced cookies and apple cider.It has stolen my heart again, as it does each year with its changing leaves and cool mornings, sunshine filled afternoons and breathtaking sunsets… yes, yes, […]

the bewitching hour of storytime

   This is K. He is a gorgeous, kind hearted little boy with the sweetest soul imaginable.  I had the pleasure of having him all to myself the other night so his parents could go out. K decided to read Auntie Brookie some stories and let me tell you, it was my favourite part of […]

shore livin’

I got to see Little E twice this weekend !!!! lucky me! I also got to see his momma all 3 days! Its pretty fun living back on the shore during my renovations.  I get to drop in for tea and quick visits because I’m so much closer right now!.  We headed up to Davids […]