tea and biscuits

There is this little gem of a place called The Secret Garden Tea Company which serves up the tastiest mini treats and a gorgeous selection of teas.  It’s perfect for “ladies who lunch” and us wannabes on weekends. I mean really, could these treats look any more delicious –and let me tell you, those lemon tarts are […]

memory is a funny thing

Memory is a strange thing.  It brings you such joy and such heartache at the same time.  These pictures may not seem like much to you… but they bring me to tears when I see them. I think of the joy and laughter spent here.  I think of the people that have shaped my life. […]

Happy Birthday to two of my favourite people!

Just wanted to wish these two lovely ladies who are two of my best and dearest friends, the happiest of birthdays! May this year bring you tons and tons of happiness and joy! xo miss you both dearly

Buon Viaggio

Last night we had a little Gastown farewell party for a friend (and my, by proxy, big brother) who is spending the next year living in Firenze  after finishing his PhD this summer (he is THE smarty pants around here). What an adventure and I’m so happy for him to be starting something so new […]


So, in case you guys aren’t pickle maniacs like my family is and in case you aren’t sure exactly how much 80 lbs of pickling cucumbers is, all said and done… well , ITS A LOT! 79 jars of pickles to be exact,  an entire bag of garlic ( I lost count after skinning the […]

Farmers Market Saturdays

My Saturdays this summer have involved Farmers Markets whenever possible.  I had originally planned to volunteer out at UBC Farmers Market and the UBC Farm, but summer somehow got away from me with weddings, travel and good times. Its on my list for next year for sure though!   Anyway, I made it to the market […]

another legacy…

I just got home from watching the latest instalment of the  Bourne Series and while you can never be as GREAT as Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner makes a pretty awesome super spy/assassin. (read: SUPER HOT BOD). Okay, now that, THAT, is out of the way, what I really wanted to say was that it looks […]

on being an Auntie

I have the pleasure of being the Auntie to this little guy E.  He has been in my life for 2 years now  (how has time gone that fast?) ,and 9 months before that in his momma’s belly!  He is the light of my life and I love the special relationship we have together. This […]


10 things you should know about me: 1. I am a memory keeper 2. I have lived in two countries and speak two languages ( stick around and I’ll blog about that I’m sure) 3. I’m a terrible liar ( and I’m pretty okay with that) 4. I am a true bibliophile and love that […]